Vanity Numbers Increase Business Recognition and Revenues

What is a Vanity Number?

A Vanity Number is a telephone number in which the assemblage of certain numbers on a numeric/alphabetic phone keypad spell out a concept or word, this can be the name of service the company with the phone number is providing or the name of
the company itself. One such example of a vanity number is 1-800- BAKERY.

They are favored among-st small and large businesses as they provide a sense of ease when memorizing phone numbers, as full words are easier to remember than individual numbers. Additionally, they aid in emphasizing the service given by the company with the vanity number, provides businesses with a platform of cheap advertising, and gives them a sense of prestige. With a tendency to attract attention on billboard or radio adverts or commercials vanity numbers have shown to generate more interest and sales for businesses. Vanity numbers can even act as the brand’s name.

Vanity numbers are especially useful when phone numbers are given abruptly on-the-go and customers are not able to write the number down.

Proven Benefits of Vanity Numbers

Vanity numbers do not require an additional cost when purchasing, in fact, they cost the same price as an ordinary number. Research on vanity numbers has revealed that businesses who use them have experienced an increase in their revenues and an upsurge in their received phone calls of up to 290% when compared to their prior states of using a normal phone number.

How do I Obtain a Vanity Number?

Different countries have different rules for obtaining a vanity number, however, there are several websites that sell vanity numbers for as little as $20.

How do you Dial a Vanity Number?

Dialing a vanity number is fairly easy. By simply opening the keypad on your smartphone and taking a glance (if you do not have a smartphone, take a look at your keys),you will notice that there is a succession of letters (precisely three) beside each number. When dialing a vanity number, you will mostly need to focus on these letters. So, if the vanity number you wish to dial is 1-800- BAKERY, you would type 1800 as you would any other ordinary number, then press the keys on your phone as that correspond to each letter. So, for BAKERY it would be:225379.

You will immediately have noticed that remembering a single word, such as BAKERY, is much easier and quicker than memorizing each individual number that spells out the word.

The designated number of letters for a vanity number differs from country to country. However,if you are willing to purchase a vanity number but your company name or service is much longer than the allotted number of figures in a phone number, you may go ahead and include the whole of your service’s name anyway, as the figures exceeding the fixed amount will not affect your reach ability. These excessive number will just be disregarded by the telephone network.

To sum up, vanity phone numbers are a great way to bring recognition to a business and as a result possibly increase its revenue. As a customer, it is certainly much easier to remember a keyword than an endless chain of arbitrary numbers.